We are always striving to stay on the loop about the retail industry to remain relevant in our business approach to customers.

This week we followed the Retail Innovation Conference in New York. On Monday the #RIC18 jump started the week presenting how disruptive brands & innovative thinkers are raising the bar, and the most important message for retailers was to rethink the customer experience.

Consumer & shopper behaviouralist Ken Hughes, gave us a preview on the future landscape of retail and explained how the next generation of consumers is quickly revolutionizing how we shop; talking about the need for collaboration, freedom, instant gratification, omni-channel presence, authenticity, and customization among other important factors which drive generation Z consumer patterns.

“You don’t own the business… they own it. They’re the customers.”

Then Walmart’s CIO Clay Johnson, urged us to push the fail fast model on testing strategies, because things that don’t work just need to be stopped quickly, and how digital transformation must be people led and tech empowered, giving us an overview on how Walmart looks for innovative ways to use technology.

Mattress company Sleep Number, reaffirmed the value of storytelling to differentiate your brand. Explaining that knowing your customers, testing before scaling, expansion, and accepting that it’s never going to be perfect, will drive standalone results to our efforts.

Restating the importance of user experiences, Amit Shah CMO of 1-800 Flowers talked about how shoppers are putting out incredible signals about who they are and what they do, so that retailers must pay attention and do something with it.

And in a panel discussing the factors fueling the Great Retail Bifurcation, Kasey Lobaugh (chief retail innovation officer and omni-channel retail practice leader for Deloitte Consulting) reassured us that we’re not going through a retail apocalypse, but rather a retail renaissance.

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So how will your business integrate to the evolution of tomorrow’s retail landscape? At United Store Fixtures we’re here to help develop the physical store aspect of your business, think about it, how can you transform and grow? Let us know and we’ll offer the best solutions at the most affordable prices.